Complete UK Postal Service

UKPA offer a full range of personalised postal services including: mail forwarding, mail-to-email, personal address, mail alerts.

Mail Forwarding

Convenient mail forwarding services to the address of your choice, either to or from a personal mail address or business mail address.

Time Saving

The services we provide are offered as a way to save a substantial amount of time to our customers by allowing us to deal with their incoming and outgoing mail.


Our Mail-2-Email service allows our customers to view their email via their email inbox.

How we started

UK Postal Address (The Manor) was established in September of 2007 to supply a street address to a local Holiday Home Park, providing a mail service to those without. In our first year we achieved in excess of 80 customers and now boast well over 500. Not just serving locally but from around the UK and parts of the world.


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